Becoming A Camelot Child

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Camelot Child. All children will need a application and medical form yearly in order to participate in all Camelot activities. 
The Following are the ELIGIBILITY criteria our medical advisors have established for a child's participation as a Camelot Child: 1.    Diagnosis of a chronic or serious illness or disability. 2.    Physician's statement indicating that the child is medically able to attend and participate in group-oriented activities. 3.    Child is able to use bathroom independently. 4.    Child is free of communicable diseases at the time of participating in an activity. 5.    Chronological age of 6 to 19 years. 6.    Minimum age of 6 and completion of First Grade. 7.    A brother or sister may only attend Camelot events with their Camelot Child sibling.

Please fill out the form below and an application will be emailed to you. 

The application will be reviewed by our medical advisors and notification will we sent upon acceptance into the Camelot program.